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Event grid staytons gps albacete peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Albacete / GPS12

1. Oktober

Clandestino, Albacete

Ab 6,00 €

Event grid staytons gps pontedeume peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Pontedeume / GPS12

29. Oktober

Guión Clube, Pontedeume

Ab 5,00 €

Event grid staytons gps zaragoza peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Zaragoza / GPS12

3. November

Sala López, Zaragoza

Ab 6,00 €

Event grid staytons gps huesca peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Huesca / GPS12

4. November

Sala Genius, Huesca

Ab 5,00 €

Event grid staytons gps barcelona peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Barcelona / GPS12

5. November

Continental Gracia, Barcelona

Ab 6,00 €

Event grid staytons gps murcia peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Murcia /GPS12

6. November

Garaje Beat Club, Murcia

Ab 6,00 €

Event grid staytons gps madrid peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Madrid / GPS12

10. November

Sala Siroco, Madrid

Ab 6,00 €

Event grid staytons gps benavente peque%c3%91o

Staytons en Benavente / GPS12

11. November

Sala Buda, Benavente

Ab 6,00 €

Event grid cds cartel gps2022 oviedo stories v2  1  mediano

Colectivo Da Silva en Oviedo / GPS12

25. November

Sala Tribeca Live, Oviedo

Ab 7,62 €

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